Willpower doesn’t always work. Here’s why.

Ever wondered why willpower doesn’t work? Here’s why.

To understand this, we have to know how the mind works.

First, we have the conscious part, which is logical, rational and analytical. It’s where we make decisions. We decide to make a change that we want to make.

Then we have the subconscious where every experience you’ve ever had is stored, the good, the bad and the ugly. And these experiences are the learned beliefs that inform your habits, feelings, thoughts and behaviours. Your subconscious mind has its programming and doesn’t like to change it.

When you decide to do something, say, quit smoking, you make that decision with your conscious mind.
That message filters through another part of the mind called the critical factor.

You could compare this part of the mind to a Receptionist. Someone phones to speak to the President of a company. Just as the Receptionist will call the President’s office to see if she will talk with the caller, the critical factor will check in with the subconscious to see if the suggestion for the change can be allowed in.

Receptionist: “Ms. Jones, Ms. Wooster is on line 1. May I put her through?”

Critical Factor” “Mary wants to quit smoking; may that suggestion come in?”

The subconscious will check its programming and decide that it says that Mary needs to smoke for x, y or z reason and rejects the suggestion. And she will continue to smoke.

But, when Mary goes into hypnosis, we bypass the critical factor. It’s like Ms. Jones has sent her Receptionist to the spa for the afternoon.

hypnosis can help willpower

Then, if the change is something Mary is 100% invested in making, the suggestion to quit smoking should slide right into the subconscious and change that inner programming, re-writing the inner story of why Mary smokes. And Mary can become a non-smoker when hypnosis gives her will the power.

Ready to make a change? Have you considered hypnosis? Schedule a call to find out if it’s right for you.

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